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Hi, I am Sneha, a watercolour artist who creates surface patterns and paints pet portraits. I am your go-to artist for custom watercolor illustrations, bespoke patterns or portrait of your pet
My watercolor illustrations will help you in crafting the next calender, book illustrations or any of your creative project.
My delightful patterns can easily become part of  fabric, stationery, home decor and much more...
I paint portrait of furry friends turning it into timeless piece decorated with watercolor strokes

So Join me on this journey through my patterns, illustrations and portraits...

PS: Always available for collaborations or license my art. Let's grow together!

Sneha Bhosale for SnehaColoursoft _ Surf


Snehacoloursoft watercolour artist.png

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Highlights of my Pattern Design work. If you are looking for collection or a portfolio, then please contact me here.



This is just highlight of my present work to give a brief idea of my working style. If you like my work and can see my work as a solution for your requirement, then please feel free to contact me here...

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