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Pet and Wild Life Portraits

I am Sneha, an avid animal lover who loves to draw and paint nature around me. I paint detailed watercolour portraits from your photographs. If you are looking for watercolour/ inked portrait of your dearest furry friend, pet of all kinds or looking for custom wild life portraits, I will help you with that!

I accept work worldwide, involve you in the entire process ensuring that the portrait reaches you in the best condition

How to commission a portrait?

Puppy wagginf Snehacoloursoft.gif


Unframed Portrait Sizing and Pricing guide

Choose the watercolor paper size and the respective pricing of the portrait to be drawn in from the sizes guide table.

If you need any guidance for choosing the size, or more than one pet, please send me an email to

*The sizes and prices are as per Indian and International pet portrait market practices

Pet portrait sizes by Snehacoloursoft.jpg

Sizing Guide                 Pricing (shipping included)              

A5                          1499/- (Indian clients)       
                              60USD (International Clients)

A4                          2499/- (Indian clients)       
                              80USD (International Clients)

A3                          3499/- (Indian clients)       
                             100USD (International Clients)


Understand the photo guide 

I will replicate the photo of your pet on the paper. Please check this guide as a part of booking process to ensure that good quality of photo is sent for the portrait. If the photo is not as per the guide, I will contact you for the same.

 The photo has to be sent at

IMPORTANT: In order to book your portrait, I usually take 50% non-refundable deposit. If you have any specific requests pertaining to your portrait prior to me starting your portrait, please list those in the form comment box upon booking the portait. I will send you progress photos. The portrait will be sent only after you are satisfied and full payment is done for the invoice sent. Please read FAQ


Fill up the details and book the portrait

Once the details are filled, photo is finalised and size is fixed, to secure a booking, an invoice of 50% non-refundable deposit will be sent and payment made by card, UPI for (india clients) and through Paypal for international clients.

You will be prompted to pay balance payment once portrait is complete, which will be invoiced. I will start the packing and shipping process once the full payment is done

Original Photo (pinterest)

Pet Portrait in watercolor

Pet Portrait Details

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting! The portrait will be started once 50% non-refundable retainder is recieved alongwith finalised photo

View Gallery

Some of my recent and past works which will give you an idea of my style of watercolor painting...

  • How many days are required to complete the portrait after placing the order?
    After all the details are sent, an invoice of 50% non-refundable retainer will be sent for payment. The portrait work begin once the retainer is received and turn around time is upto three weeks (business days, 5 days a week)
  • Will I get an Original watercolour art?
    Yes, I will send you the original artwork. It will be packed with care so that you recieve it intact. Also a surprise will be mailed to you along with the package.
  • What can I do with a digital file? And why at extra cost?
    A digital file is includes the artwork in .PNG format. A PNG file has a transparent background. This file can be used to print it on number of products like mugs, Tshirts and much more. You can send the file to your local printer. It comes at a extra cost because it has to be scanned to remove paper background digitally. This is a tedious and time consuming process. But you pay only once and use it as many times as you want :)
  • What background colour will I get for the portrait?
    I prefer keeping the background white (paper texture and colour) unless any colour requested. As per my suggestion, keep the background of the paper colour as it looks very pleasing and aesthetic
  • I want to write the name of my pet, will you do it for me?
    Sure, but this has to be mentioned at the time of finalising the paper size. This will help me in drawing and painting the pet accordingly. If this request comes, after the work is started, then it will be not possible as it would mean re-drawing and re-painting. This cost extra money and extra time.
  • How do I frame it?
    Frame colour, material choices are completely yours :) But I would suggest that the watercolour art be place behind the glass. Watercolours don't react with glass thus lasting for longer time
  • Do you provide framed work?
    You will recieve unframed artwork. As of dated till today, I do not provide frames. But I have not discarded this thought as a part of service
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