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Hello! I am Sneha

Watercolour Artist | Surface Pattern Designer | Pet Portraits |

On the path to become online educator

A passionate artist and an avid animal lover who draws inspiration from nature, brings it to the canvas and surface design. I paint using traditional and digital media to create delightful illustrations and patterns for home decor, fabrics, stationary, greeting cards, stickers and much more...

Playful Colour Palettes for Watercolor Illustrations and Delightful Patterns

with a blend of traditional and digital media is how I would like to describe my work. 

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From Blueprints to Brushstrokes: My Journey as an Artist

I studied architecture, worked as an architect for a long time but watercolours never left me. Soon, I swapped architectural blueprints for vibrant watercolour palettes and thus transformed from an architect into a passionate surface pattern designer and watercolourist!

My artistic journey began as a side hustle, a canvas where I could let my love for animals and nature run wild. From chirpy birds to whimsical underwater worlds, I paint it all in watercolours. The process is not just about putting pigment to paper; it's about capturing the essence of these creatures and the beauty of the natural world around us. So apart from creating patterns, I paint Pet Portraits too!

And that's not all! I love sharing my passion with you all on my YouTube channel, where I spill the watercolour secrets and guide you through the art of painting. It's like having a virtual art class with a friendly twist! 

"Where colours and creativity collide, turning your visions into realities!"

Services Offered

I'm your go-to artist for all things delightful and visually stunning creative projects. Specializing in watercolour illustrations and graphics, bespoke surface patterns, and soulful pet portraits, I add a touch of magic to your projects. Whether you're looking for a fabric collection, revamping your brand, packaging, or home decor, my artistic expertise is here to make your vision come alive. Let's turn your ideas into masterpieces!

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Surface Pattern Designs

Watercolour and digital motifs

SnehaColoursoft Pet portraits.jpg

Watercolour Pet Portraits painted in the traditional method

I try to capture the essence of your loved one on the canvas in watercolours

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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For Pattern Licensing | Collaboration | Pet Portraits | Any Creative project where my skills can ease or help in bringing your creative vision into reality!

Growing together is what I believe. If you think my work, creative process or my style of work resonates with your line of work, then let's come together to share the ideas...

You can always contact me through my email id:


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Some pretty and informative emails just once or twice a month! 

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